Are You Anxious Studying MBBS in Abroad? Are You Aware of Philippines Education System?

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The Philippines is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean it consists of about 7,600 islands. Manila city is the capital of the Philippines. The Philippines usually face a tropical climate which is hot and humid. The coolest month of the Philippines in January. There are three seasons in the Philippines Hot dry season or summer, the rainy season, and the cool dry season. The largest cities in the Philippines are Manila (capital of the Philippines), Davao City, and Cebu city. The official language of the Philippines is Filipino and English. Filipino is rarely speaking a language which mainly uses in Metro Manila and other urban regions. In the Philippines, English is used in Government, Education, Media, and Business. Transportation in the Philippines is facilitated by road, air, rail, and waterway, there are six international airports in the Philippines. The Philippines is the best place for tourism.

The Philippines Education System

The Philippines’ education system has been highly influenced by the country’s colonial history. The united states were impressed by the Philippine education system. Various colleges and universities were founded to educate the nation’s teachers. Like the united states, the Philippine nation also has an immense and highly comprehensive system of education. Although the Philippine system of education was an example for other Southeast Asian countries. There was approximately 1600 institution of higher education in the Philippines. The commission on higher education (CHED) supervises college and graduate academic programs and degrees. Among this the Philippine of the first country which has preferable MBBS universities. The education system in the Philippines follows only the English language. The commission on higher education (CHED) was welcoming other country students especially Indian students who glad to study MBBS.

MBBS in Philippines

The Philippines has innumerable medical colleges/ universities with high-grade quality services. MBBS in the Philippines offers a low-cost fee which is favorable for all country students. MBBS in the Philippines frames the students to get a golden career pathway after completion of MBBS. The medical course in Philippine is known as the MD program (DOCTOR OF MEDICINE) is equivalent to MBBS which is 1.4 years of BS (BACHELOR OF SCIENCE) and 4 years of MD program includes clinical rotation. All medical colleges/ universities in the Philippine are approved by the MCI – Medical Council of India and also listed in WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO), FAIMER, etc. The medical students from the Philippines get a golden way to work in power nation countries. Every year the Philippine MBBS colleges giving a golden pathway for Indian students who forwarding to reach their ambition of becoming a Doctor. Also, more than 5000 students from Foreign countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Ukraine, and India are choosing the Philippines to study MBBS. Almost, all top MCI & WHO approved medical universities in the Philippines follow the USA education system.

Best University to Study MBBS in the Philippines

The Philippines has more than 38 MBBS colleges/ universities listed in MCI and WHO. Among this Davao Medical School Foundation is in 6th place. Davao medical school foundation is shortly called as DMSF. DMSF is one of the most famous colleges in the Philippines. Most of the Indian students choose DMSF. Yearly 3000 Indian students are travailing DMSF to achieve their goal. DMSF is the only college that offers an affordable cost of education with high-quality facilities. DMSF has a Simulated mannequin station, ultra-modern library of international standards, the team learns center. DMSF has affiliated to 4 hospitals 1) Brokenshire hospital, 2) San Padro hospital,3) Davao Doctor hospital and 4) southern Philippine medical center with more than 4000 beds in hospitals for clinical training. The college was established in the year 1976.DMSF is recognized by the MCI &WHO. DMSF is the only college do not prefer donation from students. The college follows the English medium of instruction with the USA syllabus system which is similar to the Indian syllabus. Philippine is the only country that has the same climate as in India. So, the students can easily adapt to the climate, and the disease pattern also similar to that of Indian. 

Advantage Studying MBBS in Philippines

  • English speaking country
  • Affordable cost of education
  • Follows the American system of education
  • Excellent hand-on practice
  • The medium of instruction is English
  • Separate hostel for girls and boys
  • High FMGE/MCI Screening test passing percentage
  • Canteen with north & south Indian food prepared by Indian chef

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