MD Degree in Philippines

MD Course, DMSF




Doctor of Medicine (MD), as per the American curriculum which is equivalent to MBBS in India. MBBS and MD are both primary medical qualifications. The degrees are equal. MBBS is the British system of medical education whereas MD is the American System of medical education. All students who pass out 12th grade from India have to enroll for BS course which runs for about three semesters ( about one and half years to two years-depending upon how you attain the credits) before they are eligible to take the NMAT test and enroll for MD course. The BS course is basically a degree course mandatory for getting admission to MD course. Only once you undergo the BS course and get through the NMAT exam, you are admitted to the MD course ( MBBS). This is an important point as the educational agents in India often do not give a full picture to the students who are made to believe that they are going to get admitted to a medical course directly. Kindly note that undergoing BS course and getting a competitive score in NMAT exam is a pre-condition for medical course. We understand that a minimum 40 percent in NMAT is the passing score but largely depends upon different colleges to prescribe the score which may be higher than 40%. We also understand from students here that NMAT is a tough competitive exam. Another important point not clarified to prospective students in India is that as per extant rules in the Philippines, there is a quota fixed for seats for foreign students which is one third of the enrolment. Generally Universities have different departments like medicine, engineering, arts course etc and while the Universities may satisfy the benchmark of one third foreign students as a whole, it needs to be checked whether the medical college by itself has the necessary infrastructure or the faculty to take more students. As of now, our feedback from students is that the colleges ( mostly private colleges) in partnership with the educational agents enrol more students in the BS course, sometimes in excess of four to five times over their capacity in the medical college. In other words, if a college has a capacity of inducting 200 seats for foreign students, they enrol roughly about 800 students in the BS course. How they will accommodate the extra students when they do not have the capacity in terms of infrastructure/faculty is a grey area and therefore students are expected to cross check this aspect thoroughly on whether the college has the required capacity in terms of infrastructure/faculty and that their admission to BS course will ultimately lead to an assured admission in the medical course. NMAT exams are conducted twice a year.Some colleges also prescribe a shorter BS course ( two semester or one year). This needs to be carefully checked if it is in consonance with CHED guidelines. In Philippines the present education system for their nationals is 10 + 4 where the school education finishes after ten followed by a BS course for four years which is a degree course. After completion of 14 years they are admitted to MD course if he/she wishes to pursue medicine. An Indian student who has studied in India under 10+2 system therefore needs to do the BS course before enrolling for MD. However, some additional credits for the BS course are given for +2 which the Indian student has done and the remaining credits of the BS course have to be obtained during the three semesters before he is granted a BS degree. Thereafter he is eligible for MD course. In short an Indian student does a BS + MD course of 1.5-2 yrs approx and 4 years respectively. The system is expected to ease out in the coming years as Philippines is also switching over to 10+2 system.

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