Transworld is the Principal Education Associate of Davao Medical School in India and has been providing a pathway to Medical Education in the Philippines for more than a decade. Transworld is the pioneer who introduced Philippines as the ideal choice to Indian Students for Medical Education.
Transworld with its rich experience and knowledge provides one stop solution for Indian Medical Aspirants to pursue MD studies at DMSF.

• Offers preparatory programme including Spoken English Training at Pune, India.
• More than 550 Indian students facilitated by Transworld are already graduates and practicing doctors in various leading hospitals in India and abroad.

Indian nationals graduated as young doctors from Philippines are widely recognized for their excellent clinical knowledge,skills and experience infrastructure and facilities of international standards

The main objects of the company include:

  • To establish, run, own, assist, promote, sponsor and collaborate with training centers, schools, colleges, vocational centers, universities, education bureaus, establishments in India and abroad for imparting training in science, medicine, arts humanities, engineering, finance, economics, information technology, bio-technology, management, law, commerce.
  • To organize, promote, sponsor, aid and participate in educational programmes, tours, excursions, exhibitions in India and/or abroad.
  • To establish linkages/network with accredited universities, institutions and agencies within and outside India.
  • To function as a facilitator/coordinating agency for the above educational bodies in India and abroad.
  • To enroll/admit/register eligible students to any academic/training/research programme in India or Overseas and award certificate/degree/ diploma as may be applicable.
  • To carry on any business or branch of a business whether in India or outside India which this company is authorized to carry on by means or through the agency of any subsidiary company or companies and to enter into any arrangements with academic bodies.
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